2022.01.14. Lynx.

  • Attractive Jerk Score of 7 for putting her on the spot, scaring her a little.
  • A nice frame grab (Nixon, not Lynx, will decide when he’s ready for NA beverages).
  • Feelings over content. By closing on good to see you and leaving without talking about work, I told her, in effect, “I only came over to play with you.” For context, we are friendly, but this is out of way character for me. After I left, she was not thinking “I should question why Nixon just tried to flirt with me.” If anything, it’s “Wow, I didn’t expect that from Nixon.”
  • Left her wanting more.
  • Between us, we created feelings (through play) as opposed to processing them (let me talk about my shit, or her talk about her shit).




Low-IQ Polymath

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Nixon the Dark

Nixon the Dark

Low-IQ Polymath

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